Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unfortuntely Amazing

hhhm, so I really tried on that post title today :) & I would be lying if I said I didn't do a DANG GOOD JOB at catching your eye!

but for real, the purpose of this post is to complain. To complain that all the food that tastes sooooo freakin good, is always the WORST. :: for example McDONALDS! I love McDonald's. They have the best fries and cheeseburgers in the whole entire world (guilty pleasure)-- so thats probably taking it a little too far, but you get the picture.

I stopped this morning for a little secret breakfast on the way to work & it didn't dissappoint. I love that they sell Mochas now so I don't have to go 15 minutes out of my way when I want a Starbucks-ish drink. & it's a lot cheaper too!

So  while I was googling visual pretties for this blog post, I came across some pretty fun images I thought Id' share! :)



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  1. Gosh dangit! Super good tasting food is bad for us! I hate it. Fries are amazing <3 Better yet, fried chicken *salivate*