Since starting my newest stage in life, I've realized that some of us really have to work at it to keep in shape. I've started a new job where I pretty much sit on my butt for 40+ hours a week as compared to the constant running/walking of my serving job back home. I just feel like there's not enough hours in the day-- unless I make a change & start focusing on what's important -- & that's keeping myself at a healthy weight.

So here is my account of my exercise endeavors :)

November 2010:

Week 3:
Monday- BootCamp Workout:  Monday Fat Burn! Moutain climbers, lunges, jumps, squats, curls- 1 hour
Tuesday- rest day
Wednesday- BootCamp Workout: 3 minute run, 15 pushups, bear crawl, crab crawls, 5 flights up stairs, 75 jump ropes, 15 box jumps, 15 crunches in roman chair (Repeated 3x) then 3 minutes of "planks" -1 hour
Week 2:
Monday- BootCamp Workout: full body free weight circuit - 1 hour
Tuesday- Couch To 5k run
Wednesday- BootCamp Workout: Legs, 8 minutes of Sprints, 15 min abs; 1 hour soccer game
Thursday- Rest day!
Friday- BootCamp Workout: Arms circuts, ab ball crunches-to-pushups, 15 mins abs

Week 1:
Monday- 3 arm exercises 10 reps (8lbs); side lifts 2 reps (20lbs); ab ball crunches (8lbs); dips (30lbs) [REPEAT circuit 4x]
Tuesday- Couch To 5k running program
Wednesday- 3 arm exercises 10 reps (8lbs); side lifts 2 reps (20lbs); ab ball crunches (8lbs); dips (30lbs) [REPEAT circuit 3x]
Thursday- Couch To 5k running program
Friday- Began 5:30am Body BootCamp workout- 1 hour of plyometrics & 15 minutes of abs

October 2010:
This is really when my serious workout plan started. After my triathlon in June 2010, I really slacked off with working out and then proceeded to bruise my menisucus (TWICE) while playing soccer in August. So after 8 weeks of recouperating from that the plan started!

Weekly Workout: M-W-F 20 min eliptical warmup.. 3 arm exercises (beginning with 5 lbs), dead lifts (beginning with 10 lbs), ab ball crunches with 8 lb weight [REPEAT circuit 3x]

[trying to find a workout I enjoy is not as easy as it sounds]
  • Begin Couch to 5k run on October 19th on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

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