Saturday, December 18, 2010


Okay, so my team didn't win the Office Decorating contest yesterday -- but we really did do a fantastic job!! We were all so crushed when the Sr. VP didn't say our names but we sucked it up like true champs and were sincerely happy for the Health Services Department and their winning Bandaid tree. (..but budgets are tight, we shouldn't be wasting Bandaids!!.. haha jk jk, they did a great job) After the luncheon we went back to our office to re-group and discuss our loss. My boss felt so bad that all of us were so disappointed she told us we could go ahead and have the 4 hours of PTO that the winners got! Wooo Hooo!! This girl left work at 3pm yesterday & plans on doing it again next week too.

Anyway- while we were discussing our loss, we realized some really important things about our team and all the hard work we did. When it was announced that there was going to be a competition among departments, our team got together and everyone naturally played a role in the organizing, planning, and set up of our decorations. No one had to tell us what to do. We all knew our own strengths and weaknesses and used them in the best way possible. Then when we actually began putting up the decorations, everything went so smooth you would have thought we had a literal action plan or something! We worked like a perfectly oiled machine to get the task done-- & considering the task was outside of our usual scope it's amazing that we did exactly what we needed to do. It's heartwarming to think that our team is all so professional that without missing a beat, we can quickly move from one thing to another and get the job done! I guess that's a sign of a good team, huh?. It is certainly something we need to keep up!  I'm so proud of everyone :)

Okay, so enough mushy, deep corporate things -- onto fun stuff:
I AM IN LOVE WITH JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT (#2 behind boyfriend of course!)

I recently watched (half of) Inception and I didn't realize how freakkin hot that guy had grown up to be! He was such a dork on Nickelodeon shows when I was younger but man NOW he is beautiful!! I want to share his photo with everyone -- so we can all have some eye~candy today!!, yes please?
..i'll take one of these too.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon Levitt are seen on the set of Christopher Nolan's new film 'Inception' in Los Angeles, CA.
i mean look, he can even rock a slicked back hairstyle.. mm, love.

Okay, speaking of eye~candy, I can't forget this one --

okay, this one has me in it too, but there's MYYYYY eye candy <3
Alright alright.. that's enough for now.. I need to go do something productive.. & probably brush my teeth. haha

Have a good weekend ya'll!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Thiiiings

So today might have been the MOST. FUN. DAY. AT. WORK. E--V--E--R!!

My Department is having a contest to decorate our offices for Christmas so we spent a solid 4 hours this morning decorating out office from TOP to BOTTOM!! We had stuff on the ceiling, floor, walls and almost everywhere in between. It was a ton of fun to sit in the glow of the christmas lights for the rest of the day & then finally when our Sr. VP came through to judge we turn on the music and put on our show. I REALLY HOPE we win. The office that wins gets 4 hours of PTO for everyoneee!! & Who doesn't want a half day off of work?? A CRAZY person, that's who.

i like that my hat is wayyyy too big.. haha i look like i'm 5.
We find out at 11am tomorrow!.. fingers crossed!

Okay, in other news--- who here has tried the new Wendy's fries? THISSS GIRRL!!.. They are freakkin awesome. I was doing a fantastic job of staying away from fast food until I tried these little wonders. Now I've had them 3x in the last 8 days.  EAT THEM. DO IT. THEY'RE GOOD. --[the end]

Okay, next up is my new favorite thing in my town. We might not have snow, but we have the Ludy's Christmas Spectacular. It's free- and it's amazing.

Please enjoy the video below :) and my Little's narration and singing along. haha

Okay all it's time to start addressing some Christmas Cards!!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's been a while...

That's what he said. .. haha jk :)

Anywho, it has been a while since I sat down to write on my blog. Woops!.. I wonder where my time goes?

I have absolutely no idea where my time goes. In the month of December I have been to 2 holiday parties (to include my company event which = AWESOMEEEE) & I suppose I've been going out a lot-- every Friday and Saturday to be exact and spending my Sundays recouperating & watching the Steelers.

I've spent WAYY too much money recently. What makes me think this is okay? I don't know but it's happening. Still. I've bought some awesome presents for my lovies and some awesome stuff for myself as well. haha I have one more thing to pick up for Daddy sometime this week and a few things coming in the mail so I'm about to get busy wrapping!

I have been attending Body Bootcamp for over a month now and I'm really starting to feel better about myself. I haven't been paying attention to weight because I don't really think that's what's important. The body image is my biggest problem. and I love the workouts a ton but the 5am wakeup is really hard sometimes. & to make things even better I started Triathlon training yesterday!! The Iron Girl is only 6 months away!! --so I got my swim on at Chattahoochee Scuba after work yesterday. I did the distance + some, now I just need to focus on speed and strength. --I should probably schedule that out, huh?

okay, i feel better with that off my chest. but MAN I'm really behind. I just ordered my Christmas cards last night so my family and friends might be extending their holiday cheer into 2011 when they finally receive my card. hahah Who cares about timing, it's the thought that counts right? haha

aren't we just the cutest?
.. & tons of thanks goes out to my great friends Nate & Jenny for taking our pics on a freezing December day!!

Okay, back to work for meeeee.

--I've kinda missed this little blog :)