Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Thiiiings

So today might have been the MOST. FUN. DAY. AT. WORK. E--V--E--R!!

My Department is having a contest to decorate our offices for Christmas so we spent a solid 4 hours this morning decorating out office from TOP to BOTTOM!! We had stuff on the ceiling, floor, walls and almost everywhere in between. It was a ton of fun to sit in the glow of the christmas lights for the rest of the day & then finally when our Sr. VP came through to judge we turn on the music and put on our show. I REALLY HOPE we win. The office that wins gets 4 hours of PTO for everyoneee!! & Who doesn't want a half day off of work?? A CRAZY person, that's who.

i like that my hat is wayyyy too big.. haha i look like i'm 5.
We find out at 11am tomorrow!.. fingers crossed!

Okay, in other news--- who here has tried the new Wendy's fries? THISSS GIRRL!!.. They are freakkin awesome. I was doing a fantastic job of staying away from fast food until I tried these little wonders. Now I've had them 3x in the last 8 days.  EAT THEM. DO IT. THEY'RE GOOD. --[the end]

Okay, next up is my new favorite thing in my town. We might not have snow, but we have the Ludy's Christmas Spectacular. It's free- and it's amazing.

Please enjoy the video below :) and my Little's narration and singing along. haha

Okay all it's time to start addressing some Christmas Cards!!


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  1. Haha you look so filled with Christmas spirit in your picture. Good luck on your contest.

    And the wendy's fries do sound delish, I'll have to pick up some.

    cute blog! following you:)