Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Unfortuntely Amazing

hhhm, so I really tried on that post title today :) & I would be lying if I said I didn't do a DANG GOOD JOB at catching your eye!

but for real, the purpose of this post is to complain. To complain that all the food that tastes sooooo freakin good, is always the WORST. :: for example McDONALDS! I love McDonald's. They have the best fries and cheeseburgers in the whole entire world (guilty pleasure)-- so thats probably taking it a little too far, but you get the picture.

I stopped this morning for a little secret breakfast on the way to work & it didn't dissappoint. I love that they sell Mochas now so I don't have to go 15 minutes out of my way when I want a Starbucks-ish drink. & it's a lot cheaper too!

So  while I was googling visual pretties for this blog post, I came across some pretty fun images I thought Id' share! :)



Monday, April 18, 2011

Panama Citaayyy;; Random Day trip

Yesterday, a couple friends and I decided to make a little journey down to Panama City Beach, Florida. It's only about 3 and a half hours away (3 or less if I drive!) and it's the GULF. So here are some pictures from my phone to tell the story:

This would be me.. sitting in the back seat of a BARBIE Car!!

my view for most of the day...

Panama City Beach, the view from the back seat of the car.

the pier. across the street from Pier Park shopping center.

me & my beautiful friend Kristina, this was her first time seeing white sand & the Gulf!

we saw this on a van outside of Sharky's. How cute is this name for a Salon? LOVE IT.

&& Then I came home and found this little ball of fur hiding in my duffle bag..
sorry for the horrible lighting, cell phone was almost dead.

Sorry for the crappy quality of these pictures--  they're all from my phone.

I hope everyone has a great week! I know I will, it's a short one for meee!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coca Cola Classic

Welcome to Coke Country! literally.

I grew up in West Virginia where my whole family drinks "pop", Pepsi, to be exact. I went to college and picked up the saying "soda" instead. Okay, so now I've moved to  Georgia and EVERYTHING is referred to as COKE & this weekend I learned why:
  • I live in Columbus, Georgia -- where the inventor of Coca Cola, John Pemberton, was from & where he began inventing this new "cola".
  • I live 90 miles away from Atlanta, Georgia -- where the Coke Head Quarters are located.
I went to the Coca Cola Experience on my birthday on Saturday (happy birthday to meee) and had an absolute blast! I learned about the history of it; about how it's bottled and made; and also got to tast 70 different kinds if it from around the world! (I don't suggest the "Beverly from London, it tastes like a cleaning solvent).

This was such a neat experience-- I highly suggest it for anyone who's in the Atlanta area & has a morning or an afternoon to kill!

Here are some photos from my little trip:
outside the World of Coke
me with a bottle comemorating Fashion Week 2006
a statue of the inventor, John Pemberton

I had the best birthday ever, thanks to a certain someoneee. Literally, I think we did everything Atlanta has to offer in a span of 1.5 days. :) -- i'll recap the itinerary soon!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Fat + Fatter = Breakfast.


That's all I've got for now..


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Atlanta Adventures

So I'm sitting in a hotel in Atlanta watching Tosh.O reruns & thought I'd write a post :)

I came up here today because I have to be at a SIFE competition at 8 in the morning & didn't want to drive through rush hour traffic. && I don't have to get up as early, since I'm already here! it.

Anywho, I checked into my hotel and was happy when they told me I'd be on the 33rd floor. I was absolutely amazed when I looked out my window and saw this:

Wow. I am just in love with this view. Imagine how gorgeous it would be if my room were on the next side of the building (to the left) and I could watch the sunset/rise over the rest of the city-scape. God sure did create an amazing world didn't he? & so many talented people who can create such an infrastructure like this one.

I really think Atlanta is a beautiful city. I've been to quite a few large cities now, and I can safely say that Atlanta really is one of the prettiest. I think I would rank Pittsburgh, PA & Jacksonville, FL at a close second/third... I must have a thing for cities with lots of bridges. :)

okay, bedtime for this girl!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Apples & Oranges

I am about the least tech-savvy person alive. I am horrible with electronics in general. Not sure why but I always seem to mess them up, drop them, break them, delete everything off of them. Phones, Cameras, Ipods, Laptops-- it doesn't matter. I'll eff it up, no problem.

not my actual laptop, but a pretty version of the same one :)

I got a sweeeet new HP Verve Special Edition laptop for my 21st birthday from my amazing parents & not even 2 weeks after I got it it started messing up, freezing-- shutting down, etc. I've had that laptop for 3 years and by now I am FED UP!! I just paid off my surround sound from my Best Buy card so I decided to hop down to the local Best Buy and make a large purchase!

I am now the proud owner of a new MACBOOK PRO! wooooo hoooo! I am having so much fun learning the Mac system right now. & I'm excited to see what all I can produce for work on this thing.

Немного про Pop art | Half Me
so cute.

So if anyone has any special tips, I'd love to have them because I know almost NOTHING about this new contraption :)

&& i'm gonna include some oranges to this post, so at least the title makes sense. ha ha

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i love the things you can find on the internet! :)

Ya'll have a great weekend!