Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coca Cola Classic

Welcome to Coke Country! literally.

I grew up in West Virginia where my whole family drinks "pop", Pepsi, to be exact. I went to college and picked up the saying "soda" instead. Okay, so now I've moved to  Georgia and EVERYTHING is referred to as COKE & this weekend I learned why:
  • I live in Columbus, Georgia -- where the inventor of Coca Cola, John Pemberton, was from & where he began inventing this new "cola".
  • I live 90 miles away from Atlanta, Georgia -- where the Coke Head Quarters are located.
I went to the Coca Cola Experience on my birthday on Saturday (happy birthday to meee) and had an absolute blast! I learned about the history of it; about how it's bottled and made; and also got to tast 70 different kinds if it from around the world! (I don't suggest the "Beverly from London, it tastes like a cleaning solvent).

This was such a neat experience-- I highly suggest it for anyone who's in the Atlanta area & has a morning or an afternoon to kill!

Here are some photos from my little trip:
outside the World of Coke
me with a bottle comemorating Fashion Week 2006
a statue of the inventor, John Pemberton

I had the best birthday ever, thanks to a certain someoneee. Literally, I think we did everything Atlanta has to offer in a span of 1.5 days. :) -- i'll recap the itinerary soon!


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  1. I had a layover in Atlanta. Should have spent some time in the city >_<

    Cute photo of you with the colorful Fashion week coke bottle!