Saturday, April 2, 2011

Apples & Oranges

I am about the least tech-savvy person alive. I am horrible with electronics in general. Not sure why but I always seem to mess them up, drop them, break them, delete everything off of them. Phones, Cameras, Ipods, Laptops-- it doesn't matter. I'll eff it up, no problem.

not my actual laptop, but a pretty version of the same one :)

I got a sweeeet new HP Verve Special Edition laptop for my 21st birthday from my amazing parents & not even 2 weeks after I got it it started messing up, freezing-- shutting down, etc. I've had that laptop for 3 years and by now I am FED UP!! I just paid off my surround sound from my Best Buy card so I decided to hop down to the local Best Buy and make a large purchase!

I am now the proud owner of a new MACBOOK PRO! wooooo hoooo! I am having so much fun learning the Mac system right now. & I'm excited to see what all I can produce for work on this thing.

Немного про Pop art | Half Me
so cute.

So if anyone has any special tips, I'd love to have them because I know almost NOTHING about this new contraption :)

&& i'm gonna include some oranges to this post, so at least the title makes sense. ha ha

Fuel your creativity

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i love the things you can find on the internet! :)

Ya'll have a great weekend!


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