Monday, April 18, 2011

Panama Citaayyy;; Random Day trip

Yesterday, a couple friends and I decided to make a little journey down to Panama City Beach, Florida. It's only about 3 and a half hours away (3 or less if I drive!) and it's the GULF. So here are some pictures from my phone to tell the story:

This would be me.. sitting in the back seat of a BARBIE Car!!

my view for most of the day...

Panama City Beach, the view from the back seat of the car.

the pier. across the street from Pier Park shopping center.

me & my beautiful friend Kristina, this was her first time seeing white sand & the Gulf!

we saw this on a van outside of Sharky's. How cute is this name for a Salon? LOVE IT.

&& Then I came home and found this little ball of fur hiding in my duffle bag..
sorry for the horrible lighting, cell phone was almost dead.

Sorry for the crappy quality of these pictures--  they're all from my phone.

I hope everyone has a great week! I know I will, it's a short one for meee!


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