Thursday, September 30, 2010

Today's the day!

.... that I meet my little! Yay! I'm so excited but a little nervous too. I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen at the first meeting but I hope I make a good first impression. We are meeting a a restaurant that has a play area, so I'm sure the magic words of the night will be "wana go play??" Which I am VERY excited to do! I know it takes time to build a connection and trust and all those important things --the whole Rome wasn't built in a day thing, which just means I'll be praying for patience and confidence in the next few weeks. He hasn't failed me yet, and I'm sure He won't fail me now. :)

So ya'll keep your fingers crossed for me, okay?

-----In Other News-----

1. i gave my Maine Coon kitty a haircut yesterday & now she looks like a small black lion. haha. complete with a ball on her tail!! pics will follow as soon as my laptop decideds to stop sucking! (i'm at work now.. multitasking!!)

2. i am cooking tomorrow. like seirously making 2 whole dishes to feed 20 people on Saturday. this is BEYOND insane for me. i'm havin the girls over tomorrow night to be my rocks when i'm in a hard place and don't know how to finish what i've started... ohhh, myyy.

3. my soccer team won last night! Woot Woot go YO MOMMA!!! And might I add that we won the summer league championships? well, YES WE DID!! and we are on our way to  doing it again! 2-1 Yo Momma!

4. i ate at crApplebees on Tuesday. glad i got that one out of the way.. at least i don't have to worry about eating there again untill October of 2011.. (i case you can't tell, i thoroughly detest that restaurant)

..okay, that's all i've got.



Saturday, September 25, 2010

i love free things.

... especially when they are HUGE and Fabulous!! and especially when it is my anniversary weekend and the "free thing" just so happens to be one of my wonderful boyfriend's favorite things on earth..

okay, enough suspense---

said "free thing" was definitely 2 tickets to the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta :) So that is where I spent my morning and afternoon today!

Even though it was 91 degrees (disgustinggggg) I still enjoyed every second of it! We had access to our own air conditioned tent thing as well as AC'd porta potties that were sooo awesome they had hardwood floors, skylights, and gold accents (the porta potties, that is).

Boyfriend and I are also pretty sure we were on TV quite a few times today. We had some awesome views and were right on the ropes most of the time. We actually almost got smoked with a ball twice.

Now I am not a golfer (although I enjoy trying) and I have never been to watch other people golf before but I was very surprised with myself at how much I really paid attention (which I never do, to anything).

We got to see this guy

and this guy

and this guyyyy

annddd this guyyyyy

Besides ol' Phil, the other guys are all quite nice to look at which always makes a day better. (Of course I was there with the most handsome guy around <3 so what am I saying, really??)

So that was my day of free things! Now I'm off to take a little nappie nap and get myself ready to go watch WVU beat the pants off of LSU tonight.. Buffalo Wild Wings better be ready for this girrrrrl!!

Have a great evening, ya'll!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Country Roads

This girl right here is a born and bred West Virginia girl.

I grew up my entire life in West Virginia --and even chose to attend a small private college 45 miles from home. But when I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to GET OUT ... I took it and ran.

But don't get me wrong, WV is amazing and beautiful and has perfect weather and nice people. --but other than that there's not much to it. It's literally a place to live a simple life and being 22 years old, I was not ready to just live a simple life. So I moved. 11 hours from home to be exact. to a little town called Columbus, Ga to work for a wonderful company that treats me right and keeps me happy.

So there is a little background for today's post:


For some absurd reason, last week I was very, very homesick. My boyfriend was going to be busy all weekend with school and I was just not all about sitting alone (with my dog) in my house all weekend.

So on Thursday, I bought a couple plane tickets and was home in WV by Friday night.. (thank the Lord for planes!) and here are a few pictures from my wonderful (less than 48 hours) at home:

Me & Aunt Kathy, literally standing in the center of my little "city"

with my daddy

with my baby girl.. not literally, but i LOVE this kid.

with my momma <3

let's not forget that on that beautiful day in north central West Virginia,
WVU STOMPED the Maryland Terps!
woot woot, go team!

Happy Friday to my few, but fabulous readers!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mobile Blogging HELP!

So I must have spent a solid 2 hours on my phone (multitasking at work of course!) trying to get the mobile blogger to work. I have set it up, and texted to it and done SMS & MMS and come back to the computer and have put in the security codes, etc etc.. and I just can't get a post to work from my phone!

I feel absolutely horrible for being such a terrible.begginer.blogger but I know I'll be able to post more often (and probably more interesting things) if I can just figure out this phone sitch!

Can anyone help me? Or think of what I may still be doing wrong? the meantime, I plan on updating with my super duper random trip home last weekend! Pics and excitement to come-- I SWEAR!