Friday, September 24, 2010

Country Roads

This girl right here is a born and bred West Virginia girl.

I grew up my entire life in West Virginia --and even chose to attend a small private college 45 miles from home. But when I was given the opportunity of a lifetime to GET OUT ... I took it and ran.

But don't get me wrong, WV is amazing and beautiful and has perfect weather and nice people. --but other than that there's not much to it. It's literally a place to live a simple life and being 22 years old, I was not ready to just live a simple life. So I moved. 11 hours from home to be exact. to a little town called Columbus, Ga to work for a wonderful company that treats me right and keeps me happy.

So there is a little background for today's post:


For some absurd reason, last week I was very, very homesick. My boyfriend was going to be busy all weekend with school and I was just not all about sitting alone (with my dog) in my house all weekend.

So on Thursday, I bought a couple plane tickets and was home in WV by Friday night.. (thank the Lord for planes!) and here are a few pictures from my wonderful (less than 48 hours) at home:

Me & Aunt Kathy, literally standing in the center of my little "city"

with my daddy

with my baby girl.. not literally, but i LOVE this kid.

with my momma <3

let's not forget that on that beautiful day in north central West Virginia,
WVU STOMPED the Maryland Terps!
woot woot, go team!

Happy Friday to my few, but fabulous readers!!


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