Tuesday, November 30, 2010

gonna give it a try..

I just recently came across this little list where the previous author was told to answer with just one word. Now, I've also been trying to say less -- & by that I mean THINK about what I'm saying before I say it: is it really important? is it necessary to the conversation? am i just trying to fill a silent space in the conversation? -- I know I talk a lot & I know I have a tendency to just ramble if no one else is talking so I've decided I want what I say to be more meaningful so anyone that is listening will take what I have to say seriously.

So here it goes -->

Your Cell Phone? droid.
Your Hair? curly.
Your Mother? goofy.
Your Father? quiet.
Your Favorite Food? pasta.
Your Dream Last Night? none.
Your Favorite Drink? coffee
Your Dream/Goal? successful.
What Room Are You In? office.
Your Hobby? soccer.
Your Fear? crime.
Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? California.
Where Were You Last Night? couch.
Something That You Aren’t? tall.
Muffins? Chocolate.
Wish List Item? house.
Where Did You Grow Up? mountains.
Last Thing You Did? email.
What Are You Wearing? polo.
Your TV? huge.
Your Pets? hound.
Friends? amazing.
Your Life? happy.
Your Mood? bubbly.
Missing Someone? yes.
Vehicle? mitsie.
Something You Aren’t Wearing? coat.
Your Favorite Store? express.
Your Favorite Color? pink.
When Was The Last Time You Laughed? today.
Last Time You Cried? yesterday.
Your Best Friend? hilarious.
One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? starbucks.
Facebook? constantly.
Favorite Place To Eat? bar.

hmm, not too bad. but I would still prefer to be able to expand on some of these. I just feel like I'm leaving so much out!


I finally replaced my camera..

with this little gem:
9783472 Angle Large
The Sony Cyber-Shot, model HX5V

I wanted to invest in a larger, nicer DigitalSLR camera but I decided to wait until I could actually afford one of those before I bought one. But this new camera is NIIIIICE!! I love it. I went around my town the next day and took about 150 shots of our beautiful brick buildings and the camera definitely pulled through some good shots. Of course I don't have those loaded on my work computer so photo updates will follow!

....so you say you want an update on my life???


Last week I traveled to the Mountain State & oh what a glorious vacation it was! I got to see my fabulous parents, my best friends, some family & lots of snow flurries!

There was plenty to drink and plenty of laughs and stupid pictures and completely unhealthy food and aboslutely no sleep --but all in all it was a great trip. [those photos will come soon also!]

..short update.. haha oops :)

What did ya'll do last week?


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drunken Mishaps..

Happy Saturday, yall!

So last night started out as a nice dinner at El Vaquero... Can you say, PARTY OF 15?! haha we pretty much took over that restaurant after the beers started flowing. & That is how the night was supposed to end.. We were supposed to go home, and SLEEP-- but no, what did we do? --someone had the bright idea of having a "few more drinks" at the bar (my new favorite: the Maple Bar).. so of course, 10 minutes later our party was continuing to the tune of an OLD MAN BAND at a crowded tiny country bar..


The post is about the fact that my drunk self happened to LOSE misplace the BF's camera. It was in my hand last night.. it was on the table.. it was in my purse.. and nowww it's not in my purse. It's not in my house. I LOST IT!! Omg I KNEW the jager bombs were a bad idea.. but I just can't say no!!

So now I'm on a hunt.. for a camera.. that doesn't belong to me... because I got drunk and LOST IT.
[insert sad face here]

If anyone ends up at the Maple Bar today, take a look around, there's a free camera lingering around there somewhere!!

RIP, oh camera that does not belong to me.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WTF Wednesday

Pretty much just a list of shit that has annoyed me recently---

WTF Georgia weather?
I was freezing to death and battling hypothermia on Saturday and today I'm sweating in 80 degree weather. Make up your damn mind!!

WTF Sushiko?
One week you taste absolutely fabulous & the next week the sushi has me running to the potty 8x an hour.

WTF Penny Baumann?  <-- that's my dog.
Why must you have to potty every morning at 3:31? I'm gonna get your ass some pull-ups nighttimes so you dont disturb my slumber anymore!

WTF 5am?
Why must you come so early??

WTF Favorite Pair of American Eagle Jeans?
Whyyyy are you too tight in the thighs? and WHYYY doesn't AE sell you anymore so I can buy a size that fits? .. sad face.

WTF Southern Drivers?
Why the FU** do you 1) drive so slowly?? & 2) run red damn lights??
I'm gonna start gunning it as soon as my light turns green and see how much insurance i can squeeze out of these assholes.

WTF Fred's?
Why do you always only have ONE cash register open during the lunch hour? And the slowest cashiers known to man-- even slower than SUBWAY.

Okay, that's all I've got. Have a Happy Hump day.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

things in my thoughts

It's 4:52 & I have work to finish, but my mind is just not with it anymore today.. my body is falling apart still hurts from my workout yesterday & I've got my running group tonight so I've gotta relax a minute!

So here we have "My thoughts, via a bulleted list"
  • I have to pee, bad (TMI). But I'm so lazy I'll just sit here and kick my feet until it's time to leave.
  • Sam's Club has officially topped Publix on my list of favorite grocery stores. (But they don't take VISA Credit... that's annoying)
  • I really want to firm my tummy back to what it was like in college. --is that even possible??
  • I bought a pack of 7 rainbow colored ZEBRA pens the other day & I'm really dissappointed with them!
  • I got a 30% off coupon for GAP.. & I can't wait to buy some jeans! [Gap Jeans are my absolute favorite & at 70 bucks a POP you gotta get them when you can!!]
  • My Steelers party went great last night! My dog behaved [pretty much] and we had plenty of food!
  • The Steelers won-- again. woo hoo!!
  • I HATE T.O. & that 85 douchebag.. & last night's game reminded me of that.
  • My house is still nice & clean & I love it like that.. just wish that is how it would stay!
  • I should really be finishing my work right now...
  • One of my favorite girl friends from college is coming to Atlanta on Sunday! & I can't wait to see her!!
  • Tomorrow is another 5am wake up.. whew, will I get used to this??
Oh  & here's a MINI update of my Halloween photos that I SWEAR are still coming::
a gnome & her baseball player lover :)

silly girls

gnomes & indians are pals

Have a good week, Folks!!


Monday, November 8, 2010

Ohhh Monday--

Ewww Mondays. For real, I thought Mondays were super crappy before-- but add in this fabulous new 5:30am BODY BOOTCAMP I've signed up for and Mondays are officially * THAT MUCH SHITTIER * -- I don't do mornings. Never have and had never planned on being a morning person but last week while working on a Habitat house for my company, one of my co-workers sold me on it. & i'm sayin, she must be a heckkkk of a saleswoman because I hate the AM hours.

& a workout at that? I've got to learn her strategy. Because you've got to be an A+ sales person to get me to lose 2.5 hours of very valuable sleep every Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

I've done it twice now, started last Friday and was there again this morning and to be honest, it's really not that bad.. but by 9:30 I am dragggggging at work.

--My whole body hurts. Bad. and I'm hungry. But the good news is the day is half over and I've already done a whole hour of exercise. Hmm, I guess in retrospect it doesn't sound {quite so baddd}. & It's a good price too. $3/session -- wow. I love cheap things.

Tonight is our STEELERS Partayyy :) so hopefully I can steal a quick nap before it's time for peeps to come over. But probably not.

The Bengals are goin down!!!.. Again. Because they suck. and also because the Steelers are awesome. The End.

P.S. I really do plan on UPDATING with Halloween pics! We just got a router back in our house so I don't have to sit on the floor anymore to use the internet. haha. GNOME photos are amazing.

Hope ya'll have a great week!!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here we go Steelers!!

Here we go!!

I am so excited for this: --even though i have to clean my entire house and probably buy some more seating so people don't have to sit on the floor. haha..

[& I made the invite all byyyy myself!]


Monday, November 1, 2010


Hi all!!

I hope everyone had a safe and superfun weekend! I am still on my candy-high this morning and am so excited to share this weekend's events!! [once I get the pictures uploaded]...

Here's just a little preview of what's to come: