Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I finally replaced my camera..

with this little gem:
9783472 Angle Large
The Sony Cyber-Shot, model HX5V

I wanted to invest in a larger, nicer DigitalSLR camera but I decided to wait until I could actually afford one of those before I bought one. But this new camera is NIIIIICE!! I love it. I went around my town the next day and took about 150 shots of our beautiful brick buildings and the camera definitely pulled through some good shots. Of course I don't have those loaded on my work computer so photo updates will follow!

....so you say you want an update on my life???


Last week I traveled to the Mountain State & oh what a glorious vacation it was! I got to see my fabulous parents, my best friends, some family & lots of snow flurries!

There was plenty to drink and plenty of laughs and stupid pictures and completely unhealthy food and aboslutely no sleep --but all in all it was a great trip. [those photos will come soon also!]

..short update.. haha oops :)

What did ya'll do last week?


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