Saturday, November 13, 2010

Drunken Mishaps..

Happy Saturday, yall!

So last night started out as a nice dinner at El Vaquero... Can you say, PARTY OF 15?! haha we pretty much took over that restaurant after the beers started flowing. & That is how the night was supposed to end.. We were supposed to go home, and SLEEP-- but no, what did we do? --someone had the bright idea of having a "few more drinks" at the bar (my new favorite: the Maple Bar).. so of course, 10 minutes later our party was continuing to the tune of an OLD MAN BAND at a crowded tiny country bar..


The post is about the fact that my drunk self happened to LOSE misplace the BF's camera. It was in my hand last night.. it was on the table.. it was in my purse.. and nowww it's not in my purse. It's not in my house. I LOST IT!! Omg I KNEW the jager bombs were a bad idea.. but I just can't say no!!

So now I'm on a hunt.. for a camera.. that doesn't belong to me... because I got drunk and LOST IT.
[insert sad face here]

If anyone ends up at the Maple Bar today, take a look around, there's a free camera lingering around there somewhere!!

RIP, oh camera that does not belong to me.



  1. I lost my iPhone the same way.

  2. well i have a friend who lost her iphone4...downtown..on some random drunken nite. :( i dont use valuable stuff when i'm drunk! lol