Tuesday, November 9, 2010

things in my thoughts

It's 4:52 & I have work to finish, but my mind is just not with it anymore today.. my body is falling apart still hurts from my workout yesterday & I've got my running group tonight so I've gotta relax a minute!

So here we have "My thoughts, via a bulleted list"
  • I have to pee, bad (TMI). But I'm so lazy I'll just sit here and kick my feet until it's time to leave.
  • Sam's Club has officially topped Publix on my list of favorite grocery stores. (But they don't take VISA Credit... that's annoying)
  • I really want to firm my tummy back to what it was like in college. --is that even possible??
  • I bought a pack of 7 rainbow colored ZEBRA pens the other day & I'm really dissappointed with them!
  • I got a 30% off coupon for GAP.. & I can't wait to buy some jeans! [Gap Jeans are my absolute favorite & at 70 bucks a POP you gotta get them when you can!!]
  • My Steelers party went great last night! My dog behaved [pretty much] and we had plenty of food!
  • The Steelers won-- again. woo hoo!!
  • I HATE T.O. & that 85 douchebag.. & last night's game reminded me of that.
  • My house is still nice & clean & I love it like that.. just wish that is how it would stay!
  • I should really be finishing my work right now...
  • One of my favorite girl friends from college is coming to Atlanta on Sunday! & I can't wait to see her!!
  • Tomorrow is another 5am wake up.. whew, will I get used to this??
Oh  & here's a MINI update of my Halloween photos that I SWEAR are still coming::
a gnome & her baseball player lover :)

silly girls

gnomes & indians are pals

Have a good week, Folks!!


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