Saturday, September 25, 2010

i love free things.

... especially when they are HUGE and Fabulous!! and especially when it is my anniversary weekend and the "free thing" just so happens to be one of my wonderful boyfriend's favorite things on earth..

okay, enough suspense---

said "free thing" was definitely 2 tickets to the PGA Tour Championship in Atlanta :) So that is where I spent my morning and afternoon today!

Even though it was 91 degrees (disgustinggggg) I still enjoyed every second of it! We had access to our own air conditioned tent thing as well as AC'd porta potties that were sooo awesome they had hardwood floors, skylights, and gold accents (the porta potties, that is).

Boyfriend and I are also pretty sure we were on TV quite a few times today. We had some awesome views and were right on the ropes most of the time. We actually almost got smoked with a ball twice.

Now I am not a golfer (although I enjoy trying) and I have never been to watch other people golf before but I was very surprised with myself at how much I really paid attention (which I never do, to anything).

We got to see this guy

and this guy

and this guyyyy

annddd this guyyyyy

Besides ol' Phil, the other guys are all quite nice to look at which always makes a day better. (Of course I was there with the most handsome guy around <3 so what am I saying, really??)

So that was my day of free things! Now I'm off to take a little nappie nap and get myself ready to go watch WVU beat the pants off of LSU tonight.. Buffalo Wild Wings better be ready for this girrrrrl!!

Have a great evening, ya'll!!

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  1. I'm terrible at golf (I need lessons) but I've grown up with it so I know how exciting this much have been! How cool!