Saturday, December 18, 2010


Okay, so my team didn't win the Office Decorating contest yesterday -- but we really did do a fantastic job!! We were all so crushed when the Sr. VP didn't say our names but we sucked it up like true champs and were sincerely happy for the Health Services Department and their winning Bandaid tree. (..but budgets are tight, we shouldn't be wasting Bandaids!!.. haha jk jk, they did a great job) After the luncheon we went back to our office to re-group and discuss our loss. My boss felt so bad that all of us were so disappointed she told us we could go ahead and have the 4 hours of PTO that the winners got! Wooo Hooo!! This girl left work at 3pm yesterday & plans on doing it again next week too.

Anyway- while we were discussing our loss, we realized some really important things about our team and all the hard work we did. When it was announced that there was going to be a competition among departments, our team got together and everyone naturally played a role in the organizing, planning, and set up of our decorations. No one had to tell us what to do. We all knew our own strengths and weaknesses and used them in the best way possible. Then when we actually began putting up the decorations, everything went so smooth you would have thought we had a literal action plan or something! We worked like a perfectly oiled machine to get the task done-- & considering the task was outside of our usual scope it's amazing that we did exactly what we needed to do. It's heartwarming to think that our team is all so professional that without missing a beat, we can quickly move from one thing to another and get the job done! I guess that's a sign of a good team, huh?. It is certainly something we need to keep up!  I'm so proud of everyone :)

Okay, so enough mushy, deep corporate things -- onto fun stuff:
I AM IN LOVE WITH JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT (#2 behind boyfriend of course!)

I recently watched (half of) Inception and I didn't realize how freakkin hot that guy had grown up to be! He was such a dork on Nickelodeon shows when I was younger but man NOW he is beautiful!! I want to share his photo with everyone -- so we can all have some eye~candy today!!, yes please?
..i'll take one of these too.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Ellen Page and Joseph Gordon Levitt are seen on the set of Christopher Nolan's new film 'Inception' in Los Angeles, CA.
i mean look, he can even rock a slicked back hairstyle.. mm, love.

Okay, speaking of eye~candy, I can't forget this one --

okay, this one has me in it too, but there's MYYYYY eye candy <3
Alright alright.. that's enough for now.. I need to go do something productive.. & probably brush my teeth. haha

Have a good weekend ya'll!!


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  1. I love Joseph G. Or maybe I just love his chic man-vests. If my husband dressed like this, I would renew my vows daily.