Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Super Sundayy!

Mini Weenies .... Check!

Apple Slices .... Check!

Doritos .... Check!

Yuengling .... Check!

Steelers Tshirt .... Check!


everyone needs one of these..

Today's the day! We've been waiting ALL season for this day!! In t-minus 5 hours I'm gonna crack open the first beer of the day and get ready!

On another note, yesterday was a fantastic day. I woke up early to homemade apple pancakes and coffee, then watched the movie Phenomenom & spent the morning being lazy. Then Boyfriend and I went to TJ Maxx where I found an awesome white serving platter for $10 (I'm going back today to get another one..) Then we went to the IMAX theater and watched Inception. That movie is amazing. I have seen it before but fell asleep at the end of it and I'm so glad I watched it once before I went to the theater because it is soooo confusing. I really enjoyed being able understand what was going on. So if you haven't seen it-- I highly suggest watching it! After the IMAX we came home and made pizza then went back out and hung out at Spicoli's and drank a couple pitchers of beer-- where I am almost positive I saw WILLIE NELSON... haha for real.

I saw him, seriously. But I was drunk-- so there's a little room for recognition error, right? haha
& p.s. i didn't take this picture.

Okay ya'll I'm goin back to TJ Maxx.. Have a good Superbowl SUNDAYYY!!




  1. Lol I love TJMAXX i was tempted to go in there today but decided not to. I tried to watch Inception but ended up walking out of the theater. It was too confusing :/. Check out our superbowl giveaway!!!

    Go STeelers!

  2. @ JSD - you shoulda went in TJ's! I got a ton of stuff for not even $30! that includes 2 DKNY bath towels, some nice large remekins, a serving platter, & some dog things! It was a great day in the Maxx haha, and about Inception-- it really helped me to watch it twice. because the first time I really had no idea what was going on but then the second time I was just amazed by the way their brains work to create such a thing!