Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birmingham, AbaLAMa.

No, i didn't spell that incorrectly. That's how we say it. :) AB-A-LAM-A.. much more fun that the normal Alabama. And much more obvious that you're a drunk-out-of-towner when you say it like that too.

We went to Birmingham on Friday night to meet up with one of our best friends from college and to go to the Compass Bowl on Saturday. && Let me tell you-- this weekend was a MESS!!

Pictures tell the best stories & excuse the blurriness-- that just means we had a good time!

my whole heart. <3

a moose & a drunk girl

glad we got ONE picture looking normal.

there's those antlers again.

at the PITT bar with Eddie, I'm not a PITT fan but I'll drink anywhere. haha

normalcy. right here.

i've got the 2 best friends that anyone could have.

Softy. love him.
With Soft-- stupid sunshine ruined a good picture!!

At the PITT bar with Alan & some random dude who wanted in our picture.
Has anyone else been out in Birmingham? I think we got lucky when we ran across Nana Funks downtown. It was the perfect scene for us. A little dancing, a little mingling, and stools! Why is it so hard to come across a barstool these days?!?

This Thursday we're off to New Orleans for some volunteer work and a little Bourbon Street action!! My liver is going to fall out by the end of January.

Our 2010 NOLA volunteer group!
Have a good week everyone!!

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  1. Hey, I wanted to say thank you for all of your tips for my interview! It went awesome :)

    I find out next week.... my stomach is in knots until then *sigh*

    Loved seeing all of these photos. :) And nope, never been to Birmingham. Once I get a job though, hopefully I'll be traveling all over on fun 1 week trips around the US :)