Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holy Sabbatical.

Wow. I think a 6 month break is a bit much, huh? - but the good news is, I'M BACK!

I wanted to let my bloggy friends know that I am alive & well & I've been secretly stalking all of you weekly while I was gone.

But I'm finally ready to commit to the wonderful world of blogging again! I had a very rough patch there for the first quarter of 2011 but every quarter since then has been absolutely amazing and everything I'd needed to turn my life around.

Let me start with a BRIEF Synopsis of what I've been up to:
  1. Ummm. I got ENGAGED?! What! Yes. It's true. God is good.
  2. I got a NEW JOB! woot-woot! & Now I travel 70% of the time-- adding to part of the reason I've been blog-crappy for so long
  3. I bought a HOUSE! holy patooties. I close in15 days.

All these things that I should have been doing over a span of like 5 years happened in the last 6 months. Hmm. :)

Everything that royally sucked ass at the beginning of 2011 is now over and behind me. My life is wonderful now and has a purpose and a plan. And I think I'm ready to share it with you again...

I hope you'll come back to me-- I've missed you all. <3

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