Saturday, October 9, 2010

Little Furry Lion

So in my last post [which was wayy too long ago!] I said I would update with pictures of Lucy's new haircut-- which is STILL awesome!! So here it is!!  && I welcome comments!

Lucy, Pre-haircut

Lucy post-haircut, enjoying her time in the windowsil

we call these her "boots with the furrr"

two of the loves of my life

i love her little wrinkles

sweet girl!
So there she is :) The first time I saw this haircut I laughed so hard! Everytime I look at her it makes me smile and I hope these pictures can make you smile too!

In other news::

Tomorrow I'm going to the Braves playoff game in Atlanta!

 I'm pretty excited. Party begins at 11am... Drunk at 11:30! Updates to come!!



  1. THE KITTY IS ALMOST BALD!! And former fav. of mine D. Lowe got screwed. And since, Im from Boston and the Braves were originally in Boston, I'm totally pulling for them.

  2. I think that it's really funny when people shave their pet cats and leave a fabulous, fierce mane around the head. It makes the typical, domestic house cat look totally badass hilariously unfortunate.

    All at the same time.

  3. My beautiful little kitty really needed a haircut. Since I moved to the South, I can't control the stupid fleas. They are redic. down here so shaving my cat was the fastest way to get rid of her flea problemo. She's great now. haha.