Sunday, August 15, 2010

-Day One.

Um Hello?

In all honesty, I have absolutely no idea where to start this? But I'm gonna give it a shot & we'll see how it turns out. :)

The name's Kayla. I am a bubbly college grad from a small town in West Virginia  (Woot Woot, Go Mountaineers!). I gew up in a tiny city, went to college in a tiny city and basically have only known tiny cities my whole life-- until I got an absolutely perfect job offer to travel halfway across the country (well, down the country) to Columbus, Georgia the fall after I graduated college. So here I am living, working and beginning my "big kid' life 12 hours away from home with only my [absolutely wonderful] boyfriend, who I'll continue to name *boyfriend* & our pets, Lucy & Penny.

I started reading blogs at work after I stumbled across one in Google Images and for some reason, I was completely fascinated! I have never written a diary, never even liked writing to be honest. But this adventure just seems like something I can pour my heart into.

This blog isn't intended to have a theme (weddings, babies, etc)- no nothing like that. But instead I'm going to follow my life with it. I have so many plans for my 20's and 30's I want to be able to remember them all and have a place to capture my thoughts. So when I'm 80 I can look back on this site [hopefully] and remember my energy, and spunk and general love for life.

So with that, I'M OUT. See you next time :)



  1. Welcome to Blogville, Kayla!! Can't wait to read more. And watch out, reading and writing blogs is super addictive. In a good way!


  2. Wow PPC, you have no idea how excited I am to see that someone read my blog! Thanks so much for checking it out!! Now I've just got to sit down and write more :)